Ute Haug – Mentor & Speaker

– ja, das geht!

Manifesto for the joy of life and travel companion for the journey

Rediscover your feelings of happiness in everyday life

Find inner peace and contentment in your authentic self

Go through life with joy and energy

You wonder how all this is supposed to work?

My mission:

To inspire people around the world to set out on their own path and live their joy of life.

Ute Haug - Speakerin & Mentorin für Mindset, Resilienz & Lebensfreude

Ute Haug – Keynote Speaker & Mentor

Hello, I am Ute.

International communication has shaped my life. In over 20 years of intercultural work as a manager in various industries, I have met and worked with people around the globe. This has given me an understanding of how to deal with different people and cultures. The differences are immense, especially when it comes to joy of life in everyday life. Some cultures inherently bring more joy of life, some not so much. And yet there is joy of life in all of us.

Today I combine my life and professional experience with the insights of my own journey to myself to bring more joie de vivre into the world.

How I can successfully support you

On the way to more joy of life

I work with individuals and groups, especially in a business context and at events and conferences:

Ute Haug - Speakerin & Mentorin für Mindset, Resilienz & Lebensfreude

1:1 Mentoring – online

Back to joy of life

Frustration instead of flow and happiness?

You have the feeling of “just functioning“. Day in, day out. Somehow everything works. But you are not really happy, if you are honest with yourself, and you don’t want to go on like this, but finally change something?

Then let’s talk and go on your journey together: Back to the joy of living.

Ute Haug - Speakerin & Mentorin für Mindset, Resilienz & Lebensfreude

Mindset. Resilience. Joy of life.

Motivational Keynotes, Workshops & Presentations

You want to upgrade your next event, symposium or conference and make it something special? Have a successful event that will be memorable?

I would be happy to support you as a speaker.


How you can reach me.

You want to know more about working with me, are interested in a cooperation or have questions?

Just send me a contact request by e-mail and I will get back to you shortly.

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